SEO Text Optimization – We write for the user, and not for the search engines

When the issue of text optimization has gone into our editorial calendar, I thought that it is quick and easy. As any reader already suspects now, both assumptions were wrong. There again, the importance of planning and organization of the texts in general, and search engine optimized texts particularly. There is one thing, which one should always carry in mind. What is it?

In books about writing search engine optimized then you read often that at the beginning of the text message and content should be clear. It is precisely on the Internet, people tend to read it only in passing. That is true, everything, but you must also always be aware of his audience. The Internet is only for people, who do not move in it, always in the same way.

Nevertheless, there is within this medium so many different channels, each with their own rules. This is particularly true for the texts. Therefore, if I run a blog, then they should be distinguished from the info pages of an NGO. Therefore, there are at website texts speak genres that need to be considered. This sounds so obvious and logical, yet is barely mentioned in the blogs and books that deal with search engine optimization, or SEO optimized text writing.

I therefore wanted to make it clear at the beginning again, that you have all these tips and tricks to it as there are in reference to their website looks and find a custom solution that fits the genre of the text and the target group. Because, as so often mentioned, at the end, we write for the user, and not for the search engines.

I always like to clarify again what this is because it actually. So what does SEO optimization text, when we write it anyway for the user? – Of course, we write for the user, but we also want that the search engines can understand our texts well, so that even users come to our site. The information retrieval system of search engine specific techniques are used to analyse the text on websites. This works still to a large extent on certain keywords that the user is looking and they should be included in the text.

Search engines cannot read between the lines as people and rely on such signals. However, they can be recognized for some time, even in the situation synonyms. The key word here is semantics. The Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), which therefore means nothing but the indexing of synonyms have answered the SEOs then the latent semantic optimization (LSO). Texts will still continue to optimize keywords that are scattered in the text, but also better and happy times occur as a synonym, thus, allow the text for the user to be more natural.